Have you ever been to boot camp training?

If yes then ever wondered why you were made to do all those stretching stuffs before workout. You are here to exercise, right, and then why this mini schedule before the actual thing.

Why not just cut the chase and begin pounding on all those weights in the gym or start the soccer game or any sport that you are about to play. Stretching has all the goodie effects on the body muscles. Stretching can be divided into two categories; Static and Dynamic. First of all, let’s see what these types are:

Static Stretch

This kind of stretch is the one in which you relax your muscles with static i.e., standing or sitting position. You donot move much and try to stretch different muscles in a passive position. It is also sometimes referred to as Passive Stretch.

The objective of this stretch is to relax muscles without the involvement of any joint movement. Most of the studies show that static stretch is much effective after a workout session, than before it. Have a a look at the Dangerously Fit Personal Training Facebook page for more studies on this subject.

Dynamic Stretch

This stretch has been recommended by most of the coaches and even studies suggest that dynamic stretches are more effective before a Coogee Fitness workout session. Dynamic stretch involves a mix of cardio movements or you can say aerobic style movements. This is an active kind of stretching in which joint and muscle movements are involved to pump up your sleeping muscles. This will prepare your body for the final game or sport or gym. Dynamic stretch is also called Active Stretch.