13th ITS Asia Pacific Forum

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Introduction from Organising Committee Chairman

New Zealand’s premier city Auckland is hosting the next ITS Asia Pacific Forum in 2014. This is the first time a global ITS conference will be held in New Zealand, bringing exciting opportunities for both New Zealand and the global ITS community to engage, share and advance ITS applications and challenges at both strategic and technical levels.

Auckland, home to 1.5 million people is ranked as 3rd most liveable cities in the world and 3rd-most congested cities in Australasia. All Aucklanders know that one of the most frustrating things about living and working in this region is travelling around it. Aucklanders lose an average of 40 minutes for each hour driven during rush times.

The extent that these challenges will be amplified with an additional one million people (+60%) over the next 30 years, doing nothing is not an option.  Auckland region will also accommodate 60% of New Zealand’s population growth over the next 30 years. How we meet the significant opportunities and challenges of this growth will define both Auckland and New Zealand in this century.

Over the last decade, significant efforts were in place to integrate Auckland’s transport system as a ‘single system’ that optimises the road network and gives customers real-time information on travel choices. While these initiatives provided improvements to the network performance, the level of investment needed to cope with Auckland’s growth is considerable. It is estimated that in addition to the $50 billion that will be spent over the next 30 years on Auckland’s multi-modal transportation system, another $10 - 15 billion will be needed over the next 30 years to fund these improvements.

Auckland is not the first city to face the problems of congestion, growing population and limited traditional funding sources. Fortunately, we can learn from international experience what works and what doesn’t.

As industry specialist and leaders for ITS, your support and participation at this conference is a good way to start the conversation, share your experience and generate intelligent ideas as to how the global ITS industry can play a part in “getting Auckland going”.

We are delighted to host this forum and certain that you will enjoy both our hospitality and our beautiful country. Save the date: 28-30 April 2014.

See you in Auckland!

Leon Wee

Chairman Events Committee, ITS New Zealand



SCORE Conference Theme

2014 will be the 10th Anniversary for ITS New Zealand. During this 10 year period our organisation has been a leader in the promotion, development and facilitation of sustainable, effective, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation systems within New Zealand. In keeping with this core vision we are proposing a conference theme and programme that will highlight our achievements in five key areas: 


the role of technology in improving transport safety, including smart transport such as connected vehicles 


encouraging discussion, promoting cooperation, and ensuring productive relationships and the dissemination of information.


identifying and optimising future opportunities


celebration and sharing of positive results, whilst using all results as a learning platform


ensuring value for money from transport investments

The theme for the technical session topics are:

  • Funding - alternative methodologies for revenue collection, e.g. tolling and the variety of technologies involved in this and commercial model for data/information distribution.
  • Value for money – doing more for less and make the best use of infrastructure through efficiencies.
  • Multi-Modal Traveller Information – information that empowers transport users to make intelligent choices.
  • Future Technologies, Services and Innovations – devoted to exhibitors and sponsors to present their latest products, research, services and innovations.
  • Safer Journey - reducing deaths and injuries is a shared responsibility that will require improvements across all facets of transport – driver behaviour, vehicles, and roads.
  • Country Reports - ITS Societies around the world presents the latest updates on ITS advances in their country.