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Monday 28th April

Plenary Session 1: The Global SCORE

Future Prospects after ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013 by Dr. Hiroyuki Watanabe
The Future of Transportation by Scott Belcher
Current and Future Approaches to ITS in Australia by Stuart Ballingall
What’s the SCORE in Europe? by Ian Patey

Parallel Session 1:

Executive Session A1: Policy and Strategy
ITS - Changing Strategies? by Dr Kian-Keong Chin
ITS Policy and Strategy in Korea by Yoo-Jin Chang
ITS Update in China by Xiaojing Wang
ITS Experience in Thailand by Dr Passakon Prathombutr
Current Status of ITS in Japan by Shin Morishita
Country Update: Intelligent Transport Systems in Hong Kong by Andrew Pickford and Steven Lui

Technical Session B1: Funding
Optimising Congestion Charging by Douglas Wilson
Video Tolling - A Game Changer by Steinar Furan
New Paradigms for Electronic Toll Collection: the Experience of Taiwan by Richard Wu

Technical Session C1: Safety
Big Brother is Watching - Addressing our Chronic Red Light Running Problem by Jay Baththana
Variable Speed Limit Trials at Rural Intersections, Rural Schools and School Buses in New Zealand by Hamish Mackie
An Augmented Reality Demo Environment for ITS Systems by Partha S Roop
Innovative ASV Service Using Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication for Collision Prevention between Tramcar and Car by Prof. Yoshihiro Suda
Real-time Precise Point Positioning Experiment by Using the LEX Signal of QZSS and a Study of Application to Mobility Control by Katsuhiko Mutoh

Sponsors/Exhibitor Session D1: Future Technologies, Services and Innovations
Kapsch TrafficCom - Integration of Electronic Tolling and Traffic Management by Jim Montgomery
TSS - Aimsun - San Diego I-15 Integrated Corridor Management An Example of Aimsun Online Application by Alex Torday
Beca - Bluetooth Vehicle Monitoring But Were Afraid to Ask – A Client’s Guide by Richard Young
Fusion – IP Networking options to support ITS Big Data and Multiple Stakeholder Access to ITS Devices by Andrew Gurr
FLIR Systems - Latest Innovations in Thermal Imaging and Video Analytics for Traffic Detection by Nico Verstraete

Parallel Session 2:

Technical Session A2: Value for Money
Seamless Journeys in New Zealand From Strategy to Systems by Kathryn Musgrave
Sustainability of Intelligent Transportation System in Road Network Operations by Leong Siew Mun
Network Operations Planning and ITS by Richard Sprosen
Integrating Arterial and Motorway Management in Auckland by Karen Fehl
The SCATS Ramp Metering System – Key Features, Arterial Integration Developments and Field Results from Auckland Carlos Aydos and Andrew O’Brien

Technical Session B2: Multi-Modal Traveller Information
Time Saving of Information by Rui Tan
Development of Proper Traffic Information Service at Sun-Moon Lake Tourism Area by Chi Hwa Chen
Multi-Modal Information Provision for New Zealand - What to do next? by Henry Pretorius and Jo Chang
Challenges in Multimodal Traveller Information Services in South East Asia by Mohit Sindhwani
Real Time Information Sharing for Passenger Convenience & Safety in Public Transportation by Rohit Natekar 

Technical Sessions C2: Innovative Transport Management Systems
Solving Big Problem with "Big Data" by Chris Vallyon
Enabling Real-Time Public Transport Intelligence by Chris Yu
Identifying Overweight Vehicles Crossing the Auckland Habrour Bridge using WIM, ANPR and Statistical Analysis by Ian Leach
Engaging Drivers to Increase Alertness - An Innovativwe Use of VMS for Rural Road Safety by Andrew Somers
Environmental Distraction on Traffic Control Infrastructure Conspicuity by Urie Bezuidenhout 

Tuesday 29th April

Plenary Session 2: Learning from the past – where to next?

New Ways to Move People and Goods by Randy Iwasaki
ITS – I is for Integrated? By Paul Rose

Parallel Session 3:

Executive Session A3: International Collaboration - Asia Pacific
International Collaboration by Dr Shunsuke Kamijo
ITS2 for Sustainable Mobility by S.K. Jason Chang
International Collaboration by Dr Edward Chung
International Collaboration by Dr Leong Siew Mun
Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS) Development by M. Yugihartiman
Strategic Promotion of ITS in Asia Pacific Region by Shinya Omi

Technical Session B3: Value for Money
Efficeint Route Scheduling with Detailed Emission Calculation by Joost Bekker
Development of a Mobile Maintenance Notification (Motion) System for On-Site ITS Equipment and Road Assets by Derrick Chua Fuyong
Reducing the Rising Costs of Congestion using Priority Adaptive Traffic Conftrol by James McCann
Streams Managed Motorways by Adam Myers
Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Trial with Dedicated Short Range Communication 5.9GHz in Singapore by Musthafa Ibrahaim

Technical Sessions C3: ITS for Public Transport
Linking Mobile Devices into Transport Information System by Wen-Jing Huang
BRT Signal Priority System in Taichung City, Taiwan by Weihsin Lin
Benefit Analysis of Automatic Dispatching Systems for Demand Responsive Transit Service by Pei-Yuan Chien
Development Light Rail Transit Priority Signal Control Strategies Using Simulation - Case Study of Tam Sui by Tien Pen Hsu
Evaluation of Choice Set Generation Methods with Smart Card Data in Large-Scale Public Transport Network by Rui Tan 

Sponsors/Exhibitor Session D3: Future Technologies, Services and Innovations
Intelematics - The Connected Car - An Australian and New Zealand Perspective by Adam Game
Transmax - The STREAMS ITS Platform and SCATS Integration by Chris Fullelove
JYW Consulting - Big Data Opportunities for the Transportation Industry by Adrian van Zyl
Opus - Automated Vehicles - Are we there yet? by Jo Chang and Ching-Yao Chan
Q Free - Enhanced Image Processing by Lance Brand 

Parallel Session 4:

Technical Session A4: Safety
Metropolitan Detroit Traffic Incident Management by Richard F. Beaubien
Streams and Emergency Vehicle Preemption by John Wiltshire
Towards Safer and More Efficient Road Traffic with Exisiting Road Networks and Cooperative ITS service - Case Study of "ITS Spot Service" in Japan by Shoichi Suzuki
Enhancing Junction Safety with Connected Vehicles by Anh Tuan Hoang
A Development of Road Surface Temperature Prediction System Data by Kang Young Kyun

Technical Session B4: Evaluation and Analysis for ITS
Driver Communication Channels and Network Management by Julian Laufer
A Survey of Medium Access Control Protocols for Vehicular Networks by Mahmood Hikmet
Evaluating the Accuracy of Bangkok Travel Time Profiles on Arterial and Highway Road Sections by Pimwadee Chaovalit
Use of Machine Learning for Improved Incident Management Outcomes by Ronnie Taib
Identifying and Mitigating Traffic Accident Settings: A Smart Management Approach by Mamun Rahman
Evaluation Method and ITS Applications of CO2 Emission Reduction with ITS Measures by Takashi Oguchi 

Technical Session C4: Pricing and Commercial Model for Transport
Road User Charging to 2020 by Andrew Pickford
Improving Revenue Streams with Electronic Vehicle Registration and Monitoring by Christoph Amlacher
Dynamic Pricing - An Opportunity to Improve Parking Management by Mark Byrne
Is Leasing ITS Infrastructure and Operational Services a Real option? by Deryk Whyte
Electronic Regsitration Identifier by Steinar Furan

Sponsors/Exhibitor Session D4: Future Technologies, Services and Innovations
New Zealand Ministry of Transport - New Zealand's ITS Technology Action Plan - Transport in the Digital Age by Nick Brown
New Zealand Transport Agency - ITS in New Zealand - Responding to the Opportunities by Allan Frost
ITS Singapore - Towards 2030 by Sing Mong Kee
ITS Australia - Policy to Action by Susan Harris
ITS China - Jiangsu - A Pioneer ITS Province in China by Weidong Yang
ITS Taiwan - The Future of ITS as Integrated Transport Services in Taiwan by Fah-Siang Ho

Parallel Session 5:

Technical Session A5: Safety
Automatic Accelerometer Reorientation for Driving Event Detection Using Smartphone by Passakon Prathombutr
Development and Evaluation of Advanced Lane Departure Warning System using DGPS and WAVE Communication by Jin Ki Lee
Investigating the Correlation between Concentration of Truck Collisions and High Incidence of Overweight Trucks in California by Ching-Yao Chan
Identifying Reflected GPS Signals and Improving Position Estimation Using 3D Map Simultaneously Built with Laser Range Scanner by Takeshi Oishi 

Technical Session B5: Adavnced Traveller Information System
A Self-Learning Smart Traffic Mobile App by Sook Kwan Wong
Prediction of Traffic Accident Duration - Case Study of National Freeway No.5 in Taiwan by Chien-Hung Wei
Smartly Maintaining Dublin's ITS Infrastructure by Trevor Platt
Data Fusion Using Stationary Detection and Roaming Vehicles Based on Speed Simulation by Liang Yu
Travel Time Computation Model for Urban Arterial Roads in Singapore by Leong Hin Cheong

Technical Session C5: Advanced Traffic Management System
Traffic Decongestion Engine by Joanne Cheong
Congestion and Incident Management Applications for Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology - NZTA Case Study by Russell Pinchen
Best Practices in Delivering Managed Motorways by Sohail Muhammad
EMAS on Major Arterial Roads in Singapore by Lai Wee Leong
Next Generation Traffic Management Based on Cooperative V2x Technologies by Anto Komatica

Wednesday 30th April

Plenary Session 3: The CEO Forum

People Centered ITS for Better Mobility by Bambang Susantono
Ensuring our Transport System Helps New Zealand Thrive by Martin Matthews
ITS – Towards an Inclusive & Liveable Community by Chew Hock Yong
The ITS Opportunity by Geoff Dangerfield
Intelligent Transport Systems by Dr David Warburton
Intelligent Transport Systems – an Enforcement Perspective by Supt. Carey Griffiths
ITS - Enabled Smart Society - Full Scale, Full Service by John Sun