Visiting New Zealand

The Pacific Meeting Place for your Conference

Where else in the world can you be snorkelling in crystal-clear waters or exploring deep into stunningly rugged rainforest one hour and sailing on an America’s Cup yacht in a glorious harbour setting the next?

All of this natural beauty, unspoilt by the equally impressive cosmopolitan flavour, together with the fact that travelling here is extremely cost-effective, makes New Zealand the perfect place for business and pure pleasure.

Precious, diverse New Zealand is just waiting to be discovered – and the journey is an experience
you will never forget.


I think every person… dreams of finding some enchanted place of beautiful mountains and breathtaking coastlines, clear lakes and amazing wildlife. Most people give up on it because they never get to New Zealand.

President Clinton - Former US President
Gala Dinner, Christchurch, NZ, 2000


Nau Mai Haere Mai - Welcome to New Zealand

The last major land mass to be discovered and occupied, New Zealand is an alluring mix of stunning landscapes, unique flora and fauna and unspoiled countryside combined with pastoral scenes of surprising beauty.

The overwhelming impression of the land is pure and green, with fresh air and clean waters. Nestled deep in the South Pacific, New Zealand offers a modern, sophisticated urban lifestyle combined
with a natural and unspoiled rural heritage that sets it apart from the rest of the world. We have a stable political environment and have led the world in many areas of social policy, scientific achievements and sporting triumphs.

For a nation of just four million people, New Zealand produces an extraordinarily large number of achievers in many areas.

From the majestic fiords and Alps in the South Island to the native forests and silver sandy bays of the north, ours is a land of awesome beauty. Small cities are spaced the length of the country, with miles of green fields in between, populated by sheep and cows and interspersed with forests of native trees and bush or commercial forests of pine. Beautiful sub-tropical beaches are to be found everywhere – even within 10 minutes of downtown Auckland! 

There is a rich culture of the indigenous Maori entwined with more recent migratory groups from the United Kingdom, other European countries, as well as a range of Pacific Island peoples and more recently significant Asian migration. New Zealanders are friendly, independent, free-spirited and welcoming. There is nothing we enjoy more than showing overseas visitors ‘our place’ in the South Pacific.