Exercises can change your life for the better. If you begin your day with a series of exercise or go for a morning run/ walk, you are making your body fitter. In addition, you are also building your immunity to wade of lifestyle diseases.

When you are into exercising daily, then you need to follow a proper regime. Chalk out your work out plan, fix a schedule and also create a diet plan that will only enable you to move to the next level of intense work outs.

If you are a beginner, then you can start with a series of simple work routines. One among the most popular exercises is push ups. It is considered to be a full body work out. In fact, there are many levels in push ups too. You can keep addition variations while doing push ups, once you advance to the next level of fitness.

However, there are common mistakes that you commit while doing push ups, especially if you are doing it without the advice of a personal trainer in Coogee. If you hire a personal trainer, then he or she will able to point out the following mistakes that you commit while doing push ups.

Mistake 1

In most cases, you bend your knees even while doing push ups. As a result, your body is not straight from head to toe. Make sure you push your whole body up and down while doing the exercise. Also, if you are pushing your head out first, then disturbs your head to toe alignment. As a result, you will get tired quickly or will not be able increase the push up count easily.

A personal trainer from Coogee Fitness – Boot Camp will be able to able to teach you the right way to do it. You need to treat your body as a plank, keeping your midsection tight and butt clenched throughout the reps.

Mistake 2

Doing push ups is a challenging exercise. As a result, while you are doing them, your body tends to find easy ways to do the same without realising that you are actually doing it all wrong.

For example, your head or nose would touch the ground first, followed by your chest and then your stomach. This is absolutely wrong. Your chest should first touch the ground and not your head or nose. If you are finding it difficult, push your head slightly to the back so you do not make the mistake.

Mistake 3

Don’t flare your arms wide out like a chicken. You may spread wide to get more balance while doing push ups but that is not the right posture. Keep your arms close to your body. Again, not so close that you find it difficult to do the push ups. Just keep them tucked in slightly and you will get the right posture.

Mistake 4

Avoid trying variations too quickly. If you are new to push ups, then first learn the basic such as doing them correctly. Consult a Coogee personal trainer and find out when is the right time to start trying variations while doing push ups. Even if you feel you are ready to start doing variations, then take it easy on your body and so the easier ones first.