To keep your fitness marketing agency running smoothly you need a good contact medium. A new and relatively cost effective method to make contact when it comes to fitness marketing is by SMS. With just a few taps on your smart phone you can use SMS marketing to literally increase and improve your business.

How SMS marketing works

Because fitness training is an ‘on and off’ activity, the fortunes of gym SEO or fitness training marketing agency can also fluctuate.

Once members reach their fitness goals they stop attending and unless there is a new crop of people waiting to join, the business can go into a dip. SMS is the answer to this problem, as it is reasonably cheap and can be used as a long-term strategy.

Daily text messages can be sent out to existing members as also motivation texts and messages reminding members of special diets. Smart phones are now part and parcel of most individuals, and receiving SMS messages not only act as reminders, they also make people feel a sense of importance.

Other benefits of SMS

There are some members attending the gym who would prefer to work out when the place is not too crowded. There are others who are reluctant to work out in the presence of real body building pros.

So when the gym is relatively quiet with just a few people working out, you could send out an SMS to people in the above two categories – if free, they could quickly get ready and take advantage of such less crowded sessions.

This suggestion could also work when the gym has slowed down in business. A reminder SMS sent out to people on your contact list could draw in a decent crowd converting the slow-down into a busy exercise hub.

Alternative to a diary

Almost every person has a smart phone these days – which they use as a diary. So when you want to inform gym members of class schedules, sending an SMS is fast and effective. You can reach several people in one go, as also make any last minute changes.

Not only the gym members, if any of the specific exercise instructors cannot make it, you can quickly send out an SMS and arrange for a replacement. This works also if a class has to be totally cancelled. An SMS is easy and quick to read and a mutually beneficial method of corresponding.

As an effective promotion

An effective promotion for any business depends a good deal on timing. In the business of fitness marketing sudden changes can occur such as cancellations due to illness or other personal reasons. As mentioned above if a particular trainer is unavailable the members involved in such training could be advised even last minute of such absenteeism and be saved the trouble of turning up.


In conclusion, as a customer interface SMS messaging has no equal. It is an ideal tool for the fitness marketing business to balance their activities with the same attention paid to the health of their customers.